Vader and Me

the fanboy-fascination started eons ago in a galaxy far far away during thy early pre-teens when i remembered sitting in a darkened neighbourhood theatre and being thoroughly blown away (if not totally understood what it was that i was watching!) by the adventures, space-battles, lazer-blasts and light-sabres that cut thru the celluloid screen and into my psyche, of this sci-fi movie titled STAR WARS (one didn't notice the "A New Hope"-title until much later tho LOL) ... and one of the most memorable character, is but of coz, Darth Vader.

besides that annoying keypad embedded on his chest-plate (heh), everything else about him held my firm attention - from the all-black ensemble (which has influenced my fashion disasters tastes even til now) to his glorious dark shiny roadhogbiker helmet ... and even his speech impendiment breathy+throaty voice echoed within my mindscape (ah but of coz im glamorizing him a tad LOL)

i'd freely admit im not what you would call a "hardcore Star Wars fanatic", neither do i dare claim to be a true-blue-fan ... but my fascination for Lord Vader and his cinematic-ilk has survived thru the decades (i aint no spring chuk, mind LOL) til now (yes, including his infamous NNNnnnnoooOOOOOOOoooooooo-sequence in Revenge Of The Sith).

i first came to know about The Vader Project (US-version) via Dov Kelmer (originator and curator) on my blog - for which i'd started a "serial feature" - featuring images of Vader Customed Helmets and a little Q&A with the artists involved [peep HERE] ... but alas timing (or lack thereof) and the lack of response from artists left the series wanting ... regardless, my sincere thanks to all who had participated in that little blog-feature of mine :)

and now here is The Vader Project UK: Revenge Of The Brits whereby i will (again) attempt to feature and interview the UK-customizers and artists involved in this project-namesake and here's hoping i'll be able to feature all 20 of them :)

thanks for reading thus far and enjoy the Vader Customed Helmets in this here blog :)

cheers, and May The Force Be With You