Vader Custom Helmet by BRENB

TOYSREVIL: what was the genesis / inspiration for your Vader-custom?

BRENB: The initial concept was to divide the helmet in two halves. One side representing the Light side of the Force and the other the Dark side (obviously!). After that I knew I wanted to draw characters from the original trilogy and so focused on Luke and Vader, Ben and the Emperor.

TRE: Are you a Star Wars-fan? Are you a avid SW-collectors as well? What was your earliest memory of Star Wars?

BRENB: For some reason I never collected SW toys or any of the merchandise. I honestly don't think I even owned a single toy. Weird when I think of it now. I always remember visiting my cousin when I was a kid where he had pretty much everything in the range, Millennium Flacon, AT-AT's, Ewok village etc. My earliest memory of the movies was when we were on holidays from Dublin to Blackpool in 1980 and it was raining so my dad brought be see Empire. Still my favourite.

TRE: Empire rawked the hardest, IMHO (and no SW toys at all, were better than having them, but got thrown away by yer mum *le sob*) Are you for the Rebellion? Or is a proud citizen of the Empire?

BRENB: I always loved the design of the Empire. Darth Vader's Costume, the Storm Troopers uniform, the Death Star, Tie Fighters but I've always tended towards the Rebellion in aspiration.

TRE: If you were a Star Wars character, who would you (wanna) be? and If you were a Sith Lord, what would be your nick / Sith Lord-name?


TRE: Any closing comments on your participation in this event?

BRENB: Really cool and a great project to impress my friends at parties.

TOYSREVIL: cheers for your trouble Bren, in closing please do share with us, WHO IS BRENB?

BRENB was born in 1974 at his Mum & Dad's house in Dublin, Ireland. He certainly watched too much TV but also wrote little plays, which he acted out all alone in the nearby park. He continued the working in solitude as an illustrator and cartoonist, co-founded short-lived anthology comic Toenail Clippings which culminated in 4 issues and a nomination for Best New Comics at the International Comics festival Angouleme. His illustrations and comics have appeared in magazines, CD covers, advertisements and exhibitions in Ireland, Europe and the US.

As a member of the CANDYCOLLECTIVE he has interviewed many of his favourite artists for CANDY magazine and has talked lots of times about his own work to bored audiences most recently at Sweettalk New York. more at www.brenb.net and www.candycollective.com.