Vader Custom Helmet by ILOVEDUST

TOYSREVIL: what was the genesis / inspiration for your Vader-custom? what's thy custom's name?

ILOVEDUST: Well we called the piece LOVELY DARKNESS, black on black, Matt and Gloss drippy and gooey. The first idea we hard starting off was fire grander than our final work, damn the dark lord his head was so damn shinny that it became hard to use the things we wanted, time was very much against us! We wanted to cover the head in a billion quotes but early tests didnt comeout to well, so we started to re-think. The new version is a much more freestyle piece with a few stormtrooperand AT -AT's and Star Destroyers thrown in for good measure. Basically we covered it in spunky drippy madness ohhhh lovely lovely darkness.

TRE: you had me at drippy and gooey "black on black" LOL ... are you a Star Wars-fan? what was your earliest memory of Star Wars?

ILD: I remember collecting the figures from about the age of 10 so around the Empire era, my friend had so many different figures, medical droids and weird bounty hunters etc, stuff you would send away for! im sure i tried to nick a few couple of cloud pilots and an AT AT driver as i recall!

TRE: i will not attempt to ask if you were successful in your "liberation" of said pilots and driver (heh) ... are you for the Rebellion? or is a proud citizen of the Empire?

ILD: If Han Solo was with the Empire it would be the sweetest thing! there ships always looked cooler, they sure had more fun blowing up planets and crushing peoples necks, hell im down with the darkside!

TRE: if you were a Star Wars character, who would you (wanna) be?

ILD: Bossk he is one slimey mutant killer !

TRE: If you were a Sith Lord, what would be thy nick / Sith Lord-name?

ILD: Darth Geyfish

TRE: any closing comments on your participation in this event?

ILOVEDUST: Just looking forward to meeting all the artist and staring at pictures of Princess Leia in Bikinis, wil she be there ?? does she have a younger daughter ???

TOYSREVIL: Leia + Bikini = fanboy-bliss (but only if tis "daughters" LOL) - cheers for your time Mark and have a good one!

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