Vader Custom Helmet by JON BURGERMAN

TOYSREVIL: what was the genesis + inspiration for your Vader-custom?

JON BURGERMAN: My concept was influenced by the short turnaround needed and the fact I had very little time due to other work commitments. It was along the lines of - Draw the hell over this helmet. So armed with a silver Sharpie I scrawled and coloured my way over the helmet, dropping in little Star Wars references as I went.

TRE: what was your earliest memory of Star Wars?

JB: I remember watching the originals many many times as a child. We'd video a New Hope off the TV on our brand new VHS player. The adverts on that tape are just as wondrous as the actual film. My older brother collected the toys and we'd create massive battles with them in the flower beds in our garden, much to the disapproval of my parents (who we suspected at the time were working for the dark side).

TRE: are you for the Rebellion? or is a proud citizen of the Empire?

JB: My allegiances switch a lot actually, there's cool stuff on both sides really. I guess I'm all for mass destruction and lots of battles and monsters.

TRE: mass destruction is always da best! LOL - if you were a Star Wars character, who would you (wanna) be?

JB: I'd like to be Uncle Ben, he must of made millions from all that rice he sells.

TRE: If you were a Sith Lord, what would be your nick / Sith Lord-name?

JB: Darthdoodler, Sith Lord of bad drawings.

TRE: any closing comments on your participation in this event?

JB: It was a really cool custom to be asked to do. I much enjoyed wearing the helmet around the house before I started work on it. Something I noticed was that whenever I put it on my breathing automatically became really deep and heavy... cuuuuhhh ooooh cuuuuhhh ooooh cuuuuhhh ooooh....

TOYSREVIL: cheers for your time and trouble, Jon - in closing, do tell us WHO IS JON BURGERMAN?

Jon Burgerman draws, paints, clicks and sleeps.
He is known for his unique and colourful artwork in a variety of media that includes drawing, painting, print, animation, street-art and toy design. He works on paper, cardboard, canvas and directly onto walls and objects. There is a very British sense of self-deprecation, humour and anxiety in his work. These themes, along with his passion for lunch and desserts, often tie his incessant doodling together, merging both commercial and personal projects into one body of work.

Burgerman's artwork has been widely exhibited in great cities that include New York, LA, London, Hong Kong, Paris, Melbourne and Derby. His work has featured in the following publications; The Guardian, Creative Review, Design Week, X-Funs, DPI Magazine, IdN, ROJO, Graphic, ModArt, Pictoplasma, Dot Dot Dash, Full Vinyl, 300% Cotton, Computer Arts, The Fundamentals of Illustration and This Is A Magazine. He regularly gives student tutorials and lectures at British Universities and has presented his work at the prestigious Pictoplasma Character Design Conference (Berlin, 2006) where he also ran a 'doodling' workshop for the entire audience. Over the years his characters and art has adorned bags, books, belts, snowboards, skateboards, surfboards, Ice-cream vans, lunch boxes, stickers, posters, collectable toys, computer games, exhibitions, mobile phones, clothing, cushions, mugs, wrapping paper, record covers and frisbees.

To see work samples please visit www.jonburgerman.com and www.biro-web.com