Vader Custom Helmet by PARIS HAIR

TOYSREVIL: what was the genesis / inspiration for your Vader-custom?

PARIS HAIR: The inspiration came from my nom de plume, Paris HAIR. With this as a starting point it was obvious that I needed to top the Dark one with a hair-did of immense proportions. What is very hard to get from photos is just how HUGE Vader's head is. Luckily I know an incredible hairstylist called Peter Gray who I called initially to source the hair from but he got so excited about the project he worked out the method and applied the hair. If you get chance to see the thing in person you'll see what an amazingly thorough job he has done.

TRE: the Empire prefer blonds! :) are you a Star Wars-fan? are you a avid SW-collectors as well? what was your earliest memory of Star Wars?

PARIS: I used to be more of a fan, in my younger days when I would play with the figures all the time. I am not a collector and my entire collection was given to the local hospital for the sick children to play with when I outgrew the urge to play with little plastic toys. I believe some people never progress beyond this stage of development ;-)

As far as my earliest memories of SW go I can still remember seeing TESB in Canada whilst on holiday and being terrified of the Hoth Wamper. I watched a lot of that scene through my fingers. I also got some really cool SW drinking glasses from burger king afterwards. Or was it Dairy Queen?

TRE: BK i think? :p ... are you for the Rebellion? or is a proud citizen of the Empire?

PARIS: I imagine myself as being outside of the political conflict, in a Han Solo type of way. With no love for the empire but also no urge to fling myself into the role of an insurgent or counter revolutionary.

TRE: if you were a Star Wars character, who would you be?

PARIS: Han Solo.

TRE: and i wonder what will you do with Chewie's fur? ;p... If you were a Sith Lord, what would be your nick / Sith Lord-name? and why?

PARIS: If I couldn't be Darth Hair I would play the Sith naming game IE any word that begins with IN (as in INvader) and find one that sounded funny. Such as Darth Intracacy or Darth Spection.

TRE: any closing comments on your participation in this event?

PARIS: If you only knew the POWER of the dark side!!

TOYSREVIL: cheers for the time and trouble, Neil! in closing, please share with us; WHO IS PARIS HAIR?

PARIS HAIR: I am Neil McFarland AKA Paris Hair. I draw pictures and design cool stuff! I like drawing fancy ladies and stupid cartoons. Check me out! www.parishair.com

- peep Paris HAIR's flickr-album for some Vader-goodness :)